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Name: Chris Ransom (Toasty McGee)
Age: To be honest with you… I’m 14, I usually lie and say I’m 17 though
How long have you had your hair this way: on and off for the last 3 years.
10 bands you love: Damnit, here are some, but I love everything, just comment asking if I like a certain band and I'll tell you. (aquabats, DK, RHCP, nekromantix, old rancid, op Ivy, 10MD, FEAR, the hives, the misfits, crass, the bodies, the adicts, gbh.. and so on, basically ska punk, funk and a lot of other shit)
If you have a hawk how tall is it: The unicorn horn is about 9 inches, and the rest is about 3 inches


The Evolution Of Me:

first I had a pink mohawk (no pics, sorry)

Then I had short brown hair with a mini devillock:


Then the lock grew and the hair went black:


Get ready for the transformation sequence: !!

the new green unicorn horn and mohawk

Me and my bass


I think I was trying to stay facing one way on the merry go round and it was going reeeally fast!


Ripping some strings on the axe


What I wear to ARA stuff


And in closing, me with my all time love, Celia :)


-Toasty McGee

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