Gotta Catch Em All (kiedis_and_flea) wrote in ljlovesmoe,
Gotta Catch Em All

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I have a hawk now, it's purple on top, blue on the sides. It doesn't go up, the g2b glued in the yellow tube doesn't work. At the tallest part, it's 5", so I don't know why. No pics yet, soon maybe. Whoop whoop! I've had it since august 14, just forgot to post. :p
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BAH?! you have a hawk?!

I use ICE spiker hairspray, its 4-5 bucks a tube, and you've seen my hair.
lol, i told you i got one. everyone told me that the g2b in the yellow bottle is the best, where do i find this Ice Spiker Hairspray you speak of? :p
what?! Who told you that shit?! They are idiots, I get mine at bartells, it looks like one of those air horn things

anthony kiedis is hot

cant wait for the picsss!
yeah, i ve been trying to figure out how to steal my brothers digital camera to take pix, but as of now, its not happening... Eventually. Mwahaha!